One Short Step from Anti-Choice Laws to the Slave Army Breeding Program

While it may appear that the radical right-wing terrorist group, the Republican party, is an aggressive but not particularly focused mess of horrible but disparate actions and policies, all that they do is in actuality component to a concerted effort towards totalitarian domination. Perhaps the most obvious facet of their scheme is their work to breed a loyal voter base that will be levied into servitude as their slave army. Rigging the system in their favor to ensure their superiority in each branch of government despite their staggering lack of popular support isn’t enough. The Republicans need, and are creating, a slave army, pure and simple.

Duplicitous as it is, the plan is actually quite simple.

It begins with the mass-breeding program.

The Republican party, in the Reagan era, manufactured the “pro-life” movement in coordination with conservative Catholics and later radical evangelical Christians, thus politicizing and weaponizing an issue that hardly existed prior, even in the most conservative Christian populations. Knowing that they had nothing to offer the people in terms of policy, being no more than a tool of corporate America, the Republican party sought to brand itself as the “party of morals.” Never mind that their every action has long been in the interest of the wealthy few at the expense of the poorer majority, the party of reactionary and ignorant policies, of a regressive attitude towards every movement or philosophy meant to improve the lives of ordinary people, the majority of people. Never mind that their ranks have proven continually to be comprised of the most hypocritical, immoral, and corrupt turds wrapped in wonderbread you’d ever be horrified to find in your lunchbag. They pretend they’re Christians, pretend that they value life, they wear the pro-life label and ride the waves of brainwashed hoards into office.

The first step is their maniacal crusade to outlaw the right of women to choose abortion. Their efforts to ensure that women are forced to bear children against their will, regardless of whether they are able to care for the children, or whether the fetus has its origins in rape and/or incest, in contravention of human rights, will serve to swell the meager Republican voter base , and once the party has successfully finished murdering the last vestiges of democracy, they’ll officially enstate their slave army. But before we get to that point there first comes the formalized breeding program. Simply preventing women aborting pregnancies they don’t want, can’t have, or shouldn’t have to have, after allowing them some relative freedom in the conception part of the equation, will be declared too liberal, and done away with. No longer will women be even allowed the presumption of choice in sex and conception. Sure, we in the coastal states will cling to old-fashioned notions of rape being bad and consent being essential. But the whole bloody red middle of the country will take those last few steps towards fully robbing women of bodily autonomy. Using the specious argument that life begins at conception and that all life is precious, the American Taliban-- excuse me, the Republican party will incentivize organized impregnation task forces to fertilize the eggs of all females by any and all means. This will, at least, in a sense lead to the party’s most enthusiastic anti-choice trumpeters to take some responsibility for the care of women unwillingly impregnated. Have no fear that the countless scores of host bodies, formerly called women, will be left to their own devices; the camps will see to their captivity and the safety of the children at the time of birth.

Another thing Republicans have long been famous for has been the gutting and closure of public schools. It may seem that this is simply the product of them being stingy, and embracing the Christian tradition of hating the poor, when in truth it serves the purpose more advantageous for them of ensuring the stupidity, and therefore pliability, of their constituency. Because the aim isn’t to see that children can’t go to school at all. Don’t be absurd. It is to ensure that they go to the right schools. Much like the host bodies in the mass-gestation camps, the slave-trainees, formerly called children, will be in the care of their keepers in education mills. Proceeding to the logical outgrowth of charter schools and private religious schools, the student body will be liberated from the traditional system of fact-based learning. They’ll be taught what it is deemed they need to know, and what they need not be bothered with kept from them, in order to best serve their masters. Think of how corporations will grow even more profitable and efficient with the instatement of this new slavery.

Naturally, it’s not as though the culmination of all this is imminent. It’ll take them several years to get to that stage. This week Alabama pushed a law banning abortion with the brazen intent of having the case go to the Supreme Court in the giddy belief that it will lead to the overturning of Roe v. Wade. State legislators across the country have been passing similar bills with the same goal in mind. And by the day, public education is under assault and being bled dry. So while not necessarily imminent, it’s a sooner than later scenario.